GENERATIONS IN HARMONY; : The generations choir, voices in interplay to raise awareness about ageism

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Konstfack/Industridesign

Sammanfattning: This essay is written in the context of a master exam project at Konstfack university of arts, crafts and design. I have explored what I, in the capacity of a designer, can do to raise awareness about ageism. The proposal, called “the generations choir”, is an interactive installation that will see the light of day during the spring exhibition at Konstfack in May 2018. It aims to give space to reflect upon our own actions and standpoint in relation to the topic of ageism. The structures of the choir system, often with age divided groups, stands as a metaphor for our age-segregated society. The human voice is the material I have used to work with in my quest to promote change, the idea of new ways of living: enabling interaction with different generations in a meaningful way. Apart from the recording of singing voices of all ages, I have worked with sensors and programming to create a functioning interactive sound installation. I have focused on making an installation that invites visitors independent of age or disabilities (except the hearing impaired) to move freely and explore harmonies. My aim is to show that together with our differences, whether it’s a new voice, a broken voice or a frail voice, we can create something strong, lasting and beautiful. I want to remind us not to fall into the trap of age segregation and forget about all the good things that come with sharing references, experiences, stories and knowledge. Let us harmonies more! With whom do you sing?

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