“Ett hus med möjligheter” Om professioners samverkan inom familjecentraler, och verksamhetens betydelse för familjer

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study was to investigate and describe inter-professional team collaboration inside Swedish family centres. When the idea for this study formed, the impression could be gathered that family centres are depending on the professionals’ collaboration, since they are organisationally divided. One may perceive less positive consequences for the families whom are visiting the family centres, if they are lacking in collaborating, and there are flaws in their work. The aim of this study was therefore to find out how the professionals look at their collaboration, and how significant, from their perspective, the family centres are for the families. This study has been concluded from two specific family centres, in different municipalities in southern Sweden. Six people have been interviewed, three from each centre who represent three different professions, which are common in family centres. Moreover, this study consists of a qualitative method, and the analysis is based on Bronfenbrenner´s theory “the ecology of human development”. The professionals’ point out advantages with working in inter-professional teams inside the family centre: for example the access to multiple professions under the same practice. Also, they claim that it is easier to help families, since they have a broader competence. According to the occupational workers at the centres in question, their work and efficiency become negatively affected by the fact that they are organizationally divided. Furthermore, they state that they do not get sufficient support from the management which also leads to complications within collaboration. However, if they do get pass these obstacles which the collaborations contains, the results have shown that the professionals at the family centre can attain a synergism.

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