Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik, kommunikation och lärande

Författare: Farah Khaddour; [2020-03-24]

Nyckelord: Interaction in SLA; Child’s SLA;

Sammanfattning: Purpose: The general purpose of this study is to examine how parents can be supported in making use of their child’s digital media consumption for second language learning. In particular, a set of requirements are developed for best supporting the integration of children’s online activity into language learning activities by promoting a smooth transfer of knowledge through the spontaneous production of the target language. Theory: Social Interaction Theory was chosen as basis for this study, with attention to the Zone of Proximal Development, due to the fact that this study aims to find where a parent’s role starts and ends in the process of a child’s Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Method: In an overall sense, this study can be described as an ethnographically informed study where interviews with parents were conducted and then sessions in the target language the parents had with their children were observed and recorded. The resulting data was transcribed and thereafter analysis was done on the gathered data. Following analysis of the data, the participating parents gave their own view of how they would prefer to be supported in making best use of their child’s digital media consumption. Results: This study shows that parents could be supported in making use of their children’s digital media consumption for second language learning by receiving guidance during language learning activities. The results suggest a set of requirements for any system designed to deliver such guidance. This includes a suggestion of a clear simple system with straightforward advice and plain presentation of tips (list to read before sessions and list with bullet points to guide the sessions) they need to implement in their sessions in the Target Language (TL) with their children, with providing short explanation features, and reminders of sessions with schedule and a check-list.

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