”Där hjärtat bultar lite hårdare” : En kvalitativ intervjustudie om intendenters personliga relation till museisamlingar och skapande av informella föremålshierarkier i museimagasinen

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM

Sammanfattning: Introduction: This thesis investigates the relationships that curators have with the collections they oversee. The aim of the study is to learn how this relationship shapes the curators, the objects, and the storeroom itself. An additional purpose is to see whether this relationship creates and maintains a hierarchy of objects in the storerooms. Method: Eight semi-structured interviews were conducted with curators working in Sweden at Nationalmuseum of Sweden, Army Museum, Swedish Museum of Performing Arts, Museum Gustavianum, The Museum of Evolution, The Jewish Museum and Skansen. The interviews were tape recorded and the transcripts composed the data for the analysis. Analysis: A qualitative content analysis was carried out on the data. Object-love and material punctum were used as the study’s theoretical and analytical framework. Including three concepts defined by the author as formal-, informal-, and personal- object hierarchies. Results: Personal and emotional relationships to the collections did exist. They were intertwined with the professional relationship and formed a unique love called object-love. A love that defined and regulated both the personal and professional sides of the relationship. A combination of knowledge, intimacy, interest, and time were key factors for the formation of an emotional bond to the objects. The personal relationships further helped create personal and informal object hierarchies in the storerooms but were not exclusively responsible for them. Other factors such as formal object hierarchies and old hierarchical systems contributed to their existence. Conclusion: Object-love is a vital part of a successful curatorship, as it drives the curators to do a good job and go the extra mile. Since prioritization is a big part of the curator’s everyday work, informal and personal object hierarchies become a necessity in the storerooms. Because of object-love these hierarchies fall in line with the museums broader mission. This is a two years master's thesis in museum and heritage studies

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