Nu blev John så där tokig igen! : en essä om ett utagerande barn på ett familjedaghem

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Centrum för praktisk kunskap

Sammanfattning: This scientific essay starts with a description of a dilemma that I as a childminder find hard to handle. The story is reproducing an incident where this day care child -John- is getting an outburst that is affecting many persons in the group activity local for childminders. The problems that are created by the repeated defiant and unwieldy outbursts by this boy are challenging to handle. I have got certain experiences of children with special needs, but that competence is not sufficient in this case. The text also describes the doubt if a single childminder really is capable to handle a child that is demanding a lot more assistance than what is normal among day care children. Is it possible to offer all the children secure attention and interesting learning when one of them is demanding extra attention and support? Would an single-handed educator be able to help the boy to function better in social contexts? When I reflect over my dilemma, I am framing my questions. Through the writing I seek a deeper insight about what solutions eventually turns out to work for the challenging child. As a result of this examining writing process, I have found that the including of the child in the day care group was successful beyond expectation. The relation between me and the child is developing in a positive way when I choose to handle his tantrums in a less emotional way. An empathic approach and dialogues opens up for a cooperation which give the child possibilities to become a participant and able to affect his everyday situation at the family day care. The smaller group is a postulate for the positive development taking place within the boy. According to me, professional childminders should have a natural place as carers to children who for various reasons do not work or thrive in larger groups. The essay also includes explorations of other educators experiences in the form of participating observations on a preschool. The initial report, the observations, the empirical analysis and the result are all linked together with the theories of practical knowledge, my reflections, new insights, theoretical knowledge, research and literature that strengthen these. The practical knowledge is running like a red thread through the text.

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