De Oförutsedda Alliansernas Teater

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från KTH/Arkitektur

Författare: Mimmi Gustafsson; [2018]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: The Statue of Liberty might seem likea complicated woman at first glance.But her metallic, sculptural shell issupported by a quite conventional truss-system on the inside.   This “unforeseen affiliation” of buildingelements is a marriage between theorthogonal and the curved, the structuraland the artistic.The oldfashioned in disguise of somethingnew.I seek to investigate the load-bearingrole of the truss in relation to itscladding, surface.Can something that looks advancedand sculptural be supported by somethingsimple almost banal?   My take on this question has been to designa theater building in  the park “Hagaparken”, a hallmark of Swedish landscape planning á la Rokoko.   In terms of construction and aesthetics my reference project has been one of the treasuresof the history of Hagaparken, the 17th centurybuilding “Koppartälten”.   In this building one has with very simple building principles and traditional materials achieved an ambiance of the theatrical and spectacular without the involvement ofparametric and digital tools.Through regular site visits and examinationof the construction drawings of “Koppartälten”, I have inferred the cladding principle of the building to be;Load bearing wood, with interlocking wood boards running horizontally along its edge(see the picture below) and on top of it -copper cladding.   I have applied the same principle  in my pro-ject with some variations.   The load-bearing structure can fore instancerange from a very simple,A-shaped truss  to a more complicated, multi-membered ,wide spanning truss (see drawing + model).   I have sought new ways to apply the princi-ple, but sticked to the reference materialswood and copper.Why is it relevant to adapt old construc-tion principles in contemporary architecture?I think that sometimes it’s smarter not to reinvent the wheel.We commonly see the solution to futureproblems (the  sustainability issue for in-stance), in digitalism, robotics and other tech-nically advanced solutions and righteously so.But sometimes in order to progress one needto “regress” .Because old ideas are not irrelevant ideas.

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