Autonoma fordon i transportnätverket - En studie om de implementeringsbarriärer som föreligger för tunga autonoma transporter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Författare: Axel Petré; Tom Lidgard; [2021-07-05]

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Sammanfattning: Autonomous heavy transports are expected to fundamentally change the transport system.However, in order to be able to implement these vehicle solutions in today’s transport system,barriers need to be overcome. The purpose of this study has been to categorize and verify thebarriers that exist related to the implementation of autonomous heavy transports. TheSwedish tech-company Einride, which provides driverless trucks, has given the authors ofthis essay the possibility to conduct this study for them.The aim of the study has been to demonstrate that the private and public sectors togetherprovide a cross-sectoral verification of the barriers described in the existing research in thefield. Semi-structured interviews with actors from the private and public sectors have laid thefoundation for the empirical material. Together with a qualitative research approach, acategorization and verification of the barriers for implementation identified in the usedliterature has been made possible. The main result of the study shows that some barriersoutweigh others. The barriers categorized are related to infrastructure, legal frameworks,safety, cybersecurity and costs.The study concludes that barriers related to infrastructure and law constitute the dominantbarriers for implementing autonomous heavy transports. Future research and work need toadopt an international perspective. Legal frameworks and infrastructural issues are expectedto be adjusted in line with the automation of the transport system only when traffic legislationand digital infrastructure are prioritized at a higher instance. Thus, the United NationsEconomic Commission for Europe is the outset of a crucial change management process, onethat is essential for a large-scale implementation of autonomous transports.

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