Det är inte bara pojkar som har ADHD : en kvantitativ attitydundersökning på socionomstudenter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: It's not just boys that get ADHD- a quantitative attitudinal survey of social work students The purpose of this quantitative study was to research the attitudes that social work students in Sweden have towards people who have been diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD has been recognized and established within the medical community for over a century but the controversy surrounding the diagnosis has overshadowed many aspects of the diagnosis. Many myths about ADHD have led to a misunderstanding about the capabilities and limitations of individuals with an ADHD diagnosis and our survey’s content was formed in relation to these. The method used to obtain the empirical data was to send out an electronic survey to seven universities within Sweden. The survey was comprised of a series of statements that the student can either agree or disagree with on a gradual scale. A total of 188 students participated in the survey. Results of this study have been analyzed with the help of theories related to professionalism, prejudice, and exposure. The result of this study concluded that there are both positive and negative attitudes towards an ADHD diagnosis found among social work students in Sweden. The majority of students had an overall positive attitude towards ADHD. Many of the statements in the survey had low correlation with the other statements which led us to believe that social work students have a more complex attitude toward ADHD. More contact between the social work students and people diagnosed with ADHD led to a more positive attitude towards the diagnosis.

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