De ska ju bära vårt samhälle sen : En kvalitativ studie om mellanstadielärares arbete med könsroller och jämställdhet i samhällskunskap

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för samhälls- och kulturvetenskap (from 2013)

Sammanfattning: This qualitative study examines middle school teachers and their thoughts and attitudes when working with gender roles and equality – both in social studies, but also as a part of schools´ core values.    The purpose of the study is to show how this work is done, both through different examples and also through understanding how these teachers look at their responsibility as teachers regarding gender roles and equality. The empiric material of the study consists of five semi-structured interviews with middle school teachers. The participants of the study had various experiences of working as teachers, which contributed to making the results and analysis interesting since they work in such a similar way with gender equality in their classrooms.    The results show that all the participants work actively with gender roles and equality in different ways. The participants say that they can use current events and ongoing discussions in society as a foundation for this work. They all see the connection between the core content in the social studies syllabus and the school’s basic values.    However, the participants have different views on their responsibilities as social studies’ teachers in relation to other teachers. On one hand, three of the participants claim that their responsibility is bigger as they are meant to teach the conceptions and their meaning within their subject. On the other hand, two of the participants say that the most important part of working with equality and gender roles lies within the school’s basic principles, and that it is the responsibility of everyone working in school to follow them.                           Keywords: gender rules, gender equality, middle school teachers and science teachers 

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