85 bildlärares inställning till läroböcker i årskurs 7-9 - En kvantitativ studie med en komparativ analysmetod av Skolverkets rapport

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Göteborgs universitet / Lärarutbildningsnämnden

Författare: Louise Odén; [2021-03-26]

Nyckelord: lärobok; läromedel; läromedelsforskning; bildundervisning;

Sammanfattning: AbstractThis thesis has intended to investigate the role of textbooks in Swedish high schools in the artsubject. A quantitative method in the form of a survey has been used to answer the purposeand questions of this thesis. The same questionnaires as in the National Agency forEducation’s report The role of teaching aids in teaching (2006) was used to compare theresults by a comparative analysis method. The purpose of this thesis was to see if anythinghas changed in the art teacher's use of teaching aids since the report was released. The resultfrom the National Agency for Education’s report that this thesis was primarily interested inwas the fact that the most art teachers were generally unsatisfied with the supply of teachingmaterials and for that reason called for more teaching materials to choose from. Thequestionnaire of this thesis was therefore sent out by e-mail to 300 randomly selected schoolsin Sweden, with 15 representatives from each county to get a greater overview. Of therespondents, 85 art teachers replied to the survey.The answers from the survey showed that fairly little had changed since the National Agencyfor Education's report was released. Although, the use of the Internet, computers and othertechnical equipment as teaching materials had increased significantly since the first report waspublished. The same applies to the adaptation of teaching materials to the curriculum,syllabus, and grade requirements. Apart from that, there were small differences between thetwo surveys. As many as 84% of the participants in this thesis survey answered that theyrarely or never used publisher-produced textbooks in teaching and 73% thought that thesupply of textbooks in the subject was either “quite poor” or “very poor”, which couldindicate that there is still a need for textbooks in the art subject. More research is neededregarding the connection between textbooks and art teaching since there is a shortcoming onthe subject matter.

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