”Behandlingspedagogerna är ju egentligen mer utbildade på behandlingsarbetet – det är bara så” En kvalitativ studie om rekrytering till hem för vård eller boende

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: According to the 2009 report by National Board of Health and Welfare’s, 20 % of employees who works with treatment at homes for treatment or living lacked appropriate education to undertake their job role. In the light of this we decided to examine the recruitment criterias used at homes for treatment or living and also which role the social worker has at these institutions. We have taken a qualitative approach to our research, conducting seven interviews with the persons responsible for the recruitment at homes for treatment or living in Skåne. We have asked questions about the recruitment process, what education and qualities that are required and prioritized, and the type of individuals who apply for posts at homes for treatment or living. Furthermore, we have asked how the recruiters comply with the law and official regulations concerning the competence level at homes for treatment or living. The study had a profession theory point of view with a focus on the term jurisdiction. Our result shows that the recruiters request former experiences and personal suitability combined with an adequate education. The recruiters stated that they use the law and the official regulations as a support during the recruitment process, although we found a discrepancy between the recruiters’ statements and reality. Throughout the study we found that the social worker lacks the unique knowledge suitable for treatment at homes for treatment or living, and therefore it can be questioned whether it is a workplace for social workers or not.

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