Det där med noter! - Klassiska pianolärare som studerat i Malmö eller Birmingham, om sin syn på notläsning i pianoundervisningen nybörjarstadier

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Musikhögskolan i Malmö

Sammanfattning: Title: The thing with music reading This thesis relates to my educational background, why the studied area connects to experiences from when I studied classical piano performance at Birmingham Conservatoire. Since my time in England, I believe that when music students are situated in a foreign country, they will gain a new perspective on their origin and therefore, start to question, compare and reflect upon circumstances that have shaped their musical and pedagogical identity. For me, this meant that I constantly considered what could be seen as typically Swedish or English piano teaching. A reoccurring topic among Swedish students at Birmingham Conservatoire, was the anxiety over sight-reading exams. The majority of us agreed that the British students were better prepared due to previous encouragements to perform at sight. A thought that has aroused from this is that Swedish classical piano teachers, underrate the importance of reading music. In this study, I have therefore interviewed two classical Swedish, and two classical English, piano teachers on their view on music reading in the beginner’s level of piano tuition, with the primary purpose of gaining new understanding about the view on music reading in the beginner’s level of piano tuition. The Swedish teachers have studied teacher training at Malmö Academy of Music, and the English teachers have studied classical piano performance at Birmingham Conservatoire. The result shows that the Swedish teachers, express approval with reservation towards music reading, whereas the English teachers, express approval with enthusiasm. During the interviews, the Swedish teachers also expressed thoughts, indicating that music reading is declining. As an addition to the interviews, I have also compared the tutor books, discussed in piano methodology classes at the mentioned schools.

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