Upplevelse - en järnvägsstation i Byske

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö

Sammanfattning: The places close to where a new railway line and new stations are established, are hugely affected by the arrival of this new mode of transportation. New possibilities to travel further in the same time as before, or the same distance in half the time, significantly increases the opportunities for both commuting and for visiting places. Historically, new villages or even towns have sprung up as consequences of a railway arrival. Other places have tremendous growth thanks to the railway. Today we can expect something along the same line, although perhaps less pronounced. The resulting boost to a society when the trains start to arrive is however dependent on the placement of the tracks and the treatment of the station. Through this work I have studied a small town along the planned railway called Norrbotniabanan. This is a coast line in the north of Sweden. Taking the perspective of this small town I have studied questions about where to place the tracks and the station. I have also proposed a design for the station, in which my aim has been to give it a local character and to create a place for the people in the town which is more than a spot where you get on and off the train.

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