En Curmansk saga Bevarandeproblematik hos takhängda tapetvåder i nygöticistisk interiör

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvård

Sammanfattning: The main purpose of this thesis has been to address the problem connected with conservation ofspecific objects in historic buildings that have a protected building status. The immaterial demandsand environmental concerns of a place of cultural significance are discussed as opposed to the welladaptedsetting of a museum, with regard to long-term preservation. In an authentic interior of acertain era, large-scale individual treatments of the objects that define it and regulations forconservation-related reasons, may not be considered a worth-while effort, as it is often the integrityof the environment as a whole that has been declared as significant. To investigate the relationshipbetween object and its context, a case study has been conducted by examination of the propertycalled ”Curmans villor”, located in the seaside community called Lysekil. The exterior as well as theinterior of the buildings have been constructed according to the stylistic preferences that werebrought about by the ”göticistic” revival in the late ninteenth century. The Nordic tendencies in theaesthetics of the interior is further enhanced by the existance of a collection of wallpapers that arelined with textile and nailed to the ceiling. An object of this kind, composed of different materials,presents difficulties in finding an appropriate treatment method. By defining the historiccircumstances of the construction of the buildings as well as that of the wallpapers, a cultural contexthas been established as playing a significant part in the discussion regarding a hypotheticalconservation treatment of the wallpaper collection. In conclusion, the aspiration to preserve thematerial structure of an object whilst preserving its immaterial values, often reveals itself as acontradiction; thus making the issue of cultural heritage not a matter of timeless objectivity, but ofmodern priorities.

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