Från falska narrativ till informationspåverkan : en narrativ analys av ryska statsmediers rapportering om Sverige

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Försvarshögskolan

Sammanfattning: This thesis offers an insight in how information influence works in the digital modern age, through the use of strategic narratives in news reporting. The study uses a combination of a textual and narrative analysis in order to examine what kind of patterns are possible to distinguish in how the Russian state-funded news agencies RT and Sputnik are portraying Sweden in their reporting. Insights obtained by analyzing articles from the mentioned news outlets shows that four strategical ’master’-narratives can be found in the reporting: 1) Sweden is being ridiculed, 2) Sweden is portrayed as a collapsing state, 3) conspiracy theories about Sweden are made up and, 4) Russia is portrayed in friendly and peaceful terms. The analysis ultimately demonstrates how these four ‘master’-narratives can be understood as information produced in order to spread a negative image about Sweden and to promote a positive image of Russia. The study emphasizes the importance of continued research in the area and discusses the difficulties with addressing something that cannot be termed as fake news, but rather as fake narratives.

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