Automated generic parameterized design of aircraft fairing and windshield

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Fluida och mekatroniska system


The process of design is time consuming and result oriented. There is always a better scope for any design that reduces the time with better precision. Considering this as a major factor during design process, two of the vital parts of the aircraft conceptual design are taken into account where a lot of time can be saved. Major components considered in this work are fairings for the lift generating surfaces and cockpit windshield. In this work the major inference is to reduce the time spent on the initial conceptual design.

The two components designed in this work are fairings and windshield. The fairing design in this work provides a flexible template which can be used for various fuselage and wing configurations for transport aircrafts. The windshield is classified into two types in this work, flat and blend windshield. Both the type of windshields can be implemented on appropriate fuselage.

Both the components are designed to be implemented in single pilot as well as double pilot aircrafts. They also have parameters which can be modified according to the user requirement. The changes in the parameters provide the change in shape, size and volume of the components.

The software used for this is CATIA V5. The process is carried out using two automation methods available in CATIA namely Power-Copy and Knowledge pattern. A comparison between the effectiveness of two automation methods used in this work is performed.

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