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Sammanfattning: Background: Lung cancer is one of the world's most common malignancies. Immunotherapy has revolutionized the treatment options for this disease since 2018. Immunotherapy is now included in the Swedish standardized treatment program and has shown good results regarding increased survival for these patients. How the patients perceive the treatments' influence in their everyday life is still a subject that can be studied further. Purpose: To explore how daily life is affected for patients with lung cancer undergoing immunotherapy following previous cancer treatment. Method: A qualitative approach performed through interviews with five patients who have been diagnosed with lung cancer phase III and are undergoing immunotherapy, The data was analyzed with phenomenological hermeneutic method. Result: Patients treated with immunotherapy considered that the treatment gave thema better quality of life than the previous treatment they received in the form of chemotherapy and radiation. Patients express a great deal of confidence in the treatment and a sense of relief at having been able to receive it. Confidence in care is high and has created security during the long treatment period. Regular contact with employers and colleagues is important during the treatment.Conclusion: Continuous dialog between the patient and nurse during treatment enables support through transitions.

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