Vården som ges till kvinnor med bröstabscess postpartum – en journalgranskning

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Författare: Amanda Mörth; Maria Modig; [2019-02-01]

Nyckelord: Amning; bröstabscess; barnmorska; stöd;

Sammanfattning: Background: A breast abscess is a inflammatory condition that affects 0.1 - 0.4% women postpartum each year in Sweden. The treatment is performed with a needle puncture or drainage based on the size of the abscess determined by ultrasound. The woman should be encouraged to continue breastfeeding during treatment to facilitate healing and satisfy the child with nutrition. Having a breast abscess can negatively affect breastfeeding and thus, have a negative impact on both mother and child. One of the midwife's areas of expertise is to promote breastfeeding by giving advice and carrying out breastfeeding observations. It is of great importance to carry out accurate journal documentation to ensure a good quality of care. Aim: To map the care given to women with breast abscess postpartum. Method: Retrospective journal review with a quantitative approach. The women were identified on the diagnosis code breast abscess O911B in the Obstetrix medical record system. The study included 70 women during the period January 2017 - September 2018. Result: The majority of women were first-born women with a median age of 31 years. On average the women were diagnosed with the breast abscess six weeks postpartum. The treatment consisted of drainage or needle puncture. The number of doctor visits varied based on the chosen treatment method and healing process. All women breastfed at home from maternity ward, then the breastfeeding rate gradually decreased during the care process and after treatment ended 65.1% of women breastfed. Of the women who stopped breastfeeding during treatment, none of them received breastfeeding advice or observation from midwives. The result also shows that in some of the journals, documentation was lacking regarding valid breastfeeding occurrence and support. Conclusion: The study shows that care for women with breast abscesses postpartum can be improved through increased collaboration between doctors and midwives. The women should be offered breastfeeding support from midwives after each doctor's visit in order to maintain breastfeeding during treatment. Keywords: Breastfeeding, breast abscess, midwife, support

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