Google Translate och dess påverkan på webbplatser : En undersökning av användbarhet och tillgänglighet för Google Translate som maskinöversättning på webbplatser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: Google Translate helps people around the world to translate from one language to another, and translates about 100 billion words every day. The translation is used for all types of information, for essays, on websites, social media or for every day communication. Companies and organizations can reach people all over the world by offering machine translation on their websites. This means that companies and organizations can spread their messages and their products to a much larger group of people. However, in order for the information to be correct, there must be an availability regardless of language. It is therefore interesting to find out if the usefulness of Google Translate as machine translation can affect the availability of websites. The purpose of the study is to find out if Google Translate as machine translation can affect a website's usefulness in translating the information provided by the website. The purpose of the study is limited by merely examining in what ways the usability and availability of the information "About Us" on government and municipal websites is affected by Google Translate as machine translation. The method used in the study is usability tests where a think aloud observation was conducted with study participants who tested the websites using task scenarios. The result of our study showed that Google Translate is useful as machine translation on websites. In conclusion, however, we discussed whether the results could have been affected due to the delimitations we made, such as language selection, websites and method.

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