Transport och deposition av kväve i östra Svealand

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Luft-, vatten och landskapslära


Two types of nitrogen have been studied in this report, nitrate and ammonium. Nitrate

mainly originates from incomplete combustion like fossil fule combustion from sea

traffic, land traffic and energy use. Ammonium mainly origins from farming like

fertilizers and animal waste. Nitrate and ammonium are water soluble and can be

transported long distances in the atmosphere before depositing with precipitation. In

order to record the nitrogen deposition, precipitation was collected and the amount of

nitrogen was measured. This was done in 6 places in Eastern Svealand over a two

month period, middle of March to middle of May 2014. The source regions of the

precipitation was studied and it was found out that if the precipitation originated from

areas north of Sweden the amount of deposited nitrogen was significantly lower then

if the air masses originated from areas south, south east and south west of Sweden.

The results from the measurements shows a decrease in nitrogen deposition with

distance from the pollution source and that there is a higher amount of nitrogen in the

precipitation in urban areas.

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