En pedagogisk och upplevelserik tematrädgård i Carl von Linnés anda : ett teoribaserat gestaltningsförslag till Linnéträdgården i Slottsträdgården, Malmö

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/Department of Plant Breeding (from 130101)

Sammanfattning: With the rise of densification and decreasing green spaces in urban cities, children that grow up in larger cities risk not being offered enough possibilites to spend time in nature och nature-like environments. As a consequent these children risk lacking a natural care and concern for their surroundings and the environment. Studies that show that children who spend time in nature together with guiding adults who express care for the environment develop into environmentally caring people, indicate that we need more places where adults and children are given the opportunity to talk about plants and the environment. This thesis aims to examine how the Linneus garden in Slottsträdgården, Malmö, can be designed to encourage conversations about Carl von Linné, and the presence and importance of plants in our everyday life. By using a theory-based method that ensures that every design decision is made based on facts and well-tried theories, the aim is to secure a more reliable result compared to design based only on intuition and personal experience. The work process and final design is presented with text and illustrations .

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