DOWN TO THE ROOTS - design with value

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Industridesign

Sammanfattning: Down to the roots is a project about just that; seeing where things come from and how are they made. I have a background in textile design which I wanted to enhance in this project. Therefore I wanted to examine the technique of tufting. This is a textile technique that is not talked about that much, but most of today’s carpets are made this way. In tufting threads are shot into a fabric, situated in a vertical frame, with a machine driven by compressed air. The technique is very free; it is like painting on a canvas with threads. I also looked into what local production could be. When can you say that something is locally produced? Is it just about production or could it also be about the raw-material? And what about when local materials are exported and then imported again as ready items? Are they still considered local? Aiming for a long lasting product the carpets are designed to work separate and together, creating a value of flexibility. They are designed with a hidden message - the message of the environmental impact that the fibres they are made from have. One is made from natural coloured Swedish wool, where the whole process from raw-material to fine yarn was studied. The other is made from coloured yarn, spun and imported from Norway. A hidden message creates the form, a subtle value for the one that knows.

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