BEDÖMNING AV TEXT PÅ PAPPER ELLER SKÄRM En studie av hur en bedömningspraktik påverkas av huruvida elevtexter läses från papper eller skärm

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: This paper presents a study of an assessment practice in national tests in English, and how this is affected by whether teachers reads student texts on paper or on a screen. Since 2018 the written part of the national tests is to be conducted using a digital device with a locked screen and the students’ answers need to be anonymous. In order to comply with these demands, schools need a digital system for testing. At the school where the present study was conducted, there was a routine of printing the anonymized student texts on paper for assessment, which led to a comprehensive administrative effort when the texts would bede-identified. The study's main questions are why this was done as well as what possible affect a shift from assessing on paper to assessing digital texts in the school's test system would have. To answer the questions the assessment practice of the writing parts of the national exams in English 5 and 6 where studied. The work was filmed and analysed. The teachers were then interviewed in focus groups and they also answered a single questionnaire. The study's theoretical framework has been Communities of Practice, an infrastructural perspective and affordance.The results showed that the teachers had stuck to the printouts partly because of the habit, but also because of their perception that it was more strenuous to read on screen than paper. Another reason was the teachers' uncertainty about their own technical competence. The participating teachers all changed their minds afterwards to a more positive attitude towards assessing students’ papers on screen. Two major changes occurred in the work of the digital test system. The first was that it was faster to assess texts in the digital test system. The second was that during the assessment in the digital test system, fewer interactions between teachers took place.

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