Sandberg : Key Strategic Decisions in Regards to Entry on the Japanese Market -

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från IHH, Företagsekonomi

Sammanfattning: Problem: What key strategic decisions are required when choosing the right entry mode for a small Swedish firm, with a high-end jewellery brand, on the complex Japanese market? Purpose: The purpose of this research is to investigate different strategic choices in regards to the entry mode and the introduction of an exclusive brand on the Japanese market. The research will be supported by analysing the current situation of Sandberg and its aim to enter new markets. The authors of this thesis aim at enlighten the important issues regarding the key strategic decisions that Sandberg will have to take when entering Japan. The ambition with this thesis is to illustrate how firms in high-end sectors in similar industries can apply the overall concepts in order to successfully enter the Japanese market. Method: The authors of this thesis have chosen a descriptive approach and marketing literature has been studied in order to find suitable theories to help the analysis of the Japanese market. Root (1998) argues that the social environment plays an important role in the choice of entry mode and can be analysed through the PESTEL framework. As long as the businesses have an understanding that the competitive marketplace never reaches a static state (Grant, 1995), the PESTEL framework is useful if it is continuously changed over time (Walsh, 2005). The deductive approach will be used since the authors of this thesis will focus on searching for already existing theories in external sources in order to enable an understanding for the strategic decisions that have to be made in regards to entering the Japanese market (Lekvall & Wahlbin, 2001). The deductive data analysis is preferable since the nature of the concept, with the use of existing theory, gives a more objective research. Results: This thesis demonstrates that some of the most important strategic decisions that have to be taken when entering the Japanese market concerns following issues: (a) entry mode, (b) trade partners, (c) transportation, (d) currency rate, (e) location, and (f) type of establishment. Finally, the authors of this thesis believe that Sandberg will benefit from international operations in the Japanese market. It will most likely open up opportunities for future growth in the area due to the almost certain enhancement which in turn give increased opportunities for expansion. It is without doubt up to Sandberg to take advantage of the growing demand in the region.

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