Häckeberga naturreservat 1976-2015 – en uppföljning och framåtblick

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Examensarbeten i biologi

Författare: Marie Herner Hällström; [2015]

Nyckelord: Biology and Life Sciences;

Sammanfattning: Häckeberga Nature Reserve, in the eastern part of the municipality of Lund, Sweden, was established in April 1976, in order to preserve the area’s varying and rich nature, and to facilitate human recreation. The aim of this master thesis is to explore how well the goals with the nature reserve protection have been met, how the management of the reserve has been carried out and to suggest improvements for the future. I have found that the nature values from the 1970’s in general remains and that the sub-areas are on their way to develop towards the goals. However, the nature reserve’s management plan needs to be updated to include more thorough descriptions of the species in the sub-areas, and should try to take into account possible future climate-change. Increased mountain biking through the area has become a challenge since it conflicts with other recreation and may lead to damage on tree-roots and paths.

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