Med kulturen som (värdeskapande) hyresgäst. En etnografisk studie om Göteborgs Stads arbete med kultur, lokaler och stadsplanering

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper

Sammanfattning: The city of Gothenburg is currently carrying out a major development project, River City (Älvstaden). As a consequence of the development, affordable premises that artists are in need of for practicing cultural activities are disappearing. While the cultural material infrastructure is being reduced, ‘culture’ is getting an all the more central role in the city’s urban development strategies. In light of this, the present study examines how the City of Gothenburg, within its municipal administration, addresses the necessity to provide new affordable premises for cultural activities to remain in Gothenburg today. Through ethnographic methods and analysis, where interviews and participatory observations at the workplace of public officials make up most of the empirical data, the study uses a critical cultural-theoretical framework to examine the work of the municipality. The result shows that the city's public officials relate to two different discourses when they are trying to enable that cheap building and studios are available for artists in Gothenburg; the discourse of attractivity and the discourse of cultural premises as a democratic infrastructure. Through administrative and hierarchical obstacles, a situation is created where the public officials’ work to enable cultural premises is primarily shaped by the discourse of attractivity, based on the value that the cultural producer is expected to bring to the city. This means that the substantial ways for the public officials to enable the much-needed premises of cheap studios, risk eroding themselves leading to gentrification of the city’s cultural producers. However, the thesis also shows that the public officials, through their work, open up to the possibility that the discourse on cultural premises as a democratic infrastructure may grow in future Gothenburg.

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