The role of financial inclusion - a labour mirgration perspective - A study from Bangladesh

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för nationalekonomi med statistik

Författare: Michael Steele; Amanda Stenström; [2018-09-28]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: This paper analyzes the impact of financial inclusion on international migration and sending remittances within Bangladesh. The data is taken from a household survey, conducted by the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit. The survey covers 17 districts and includes 26.339 observations, 13.383 observations being international migrant households. We find that the ownership of bank and savings accounts are associated with belonging to a household with a international migrant. However, informal savings is found to influence belonging to an international migrant household. As well, formal remittance channels are found to increase the amount of remittances received by an international migrant household, though electronic remittance channels appear to affect remittances insignificantly.

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