The management of dynamic service innovation capabilities in different types of service innovation

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Abstract Research questions: Which dynamic service innovation capabilities are used in different types of service innovation? How are they used in the different types? And why does their application vary? Methodology: The study has been conducted through investigating multiple cases within a single case company and followed a qualitative research strategy to identify (the application of) dynamic service innovation capabilities in the archetypes of service innovation. The data was collected through a combination of unstructured and semi-structured interviews and analysed based on the approach presented by Eisenhardt (1989). Theoretical perspective: Literature in the fields of service innovation, new service development and categorization of types of service innovation formed the basis for the theoretical review. Further, research on the service innovation process and the management of its resources, knowledge and capabilities was explored to explore key debates on the management of different types of service innovation. Conclusions: All dynamic service innovation capabilities (DSIC) play important roles in the process- and output service innovation archetypes. The output-based archetype requires smaller attention to Signalling User Needs and (Un-)bundling. First, DSIC’s in the process-based archetype are managed towards identifying specialized knowledge used as input for changes to the components of the service delivery process. Second, DSIC’s in the experiential type are managed with strong focus on identifying tacit knowledge of service delivery experts and subsequently converting this knowledge to use for changing the perception of the customer. Third, DSIC’s in the output-based archetype are managed with extra attention to integration of synergetic (internal & external) specialist knowledge used for managing the reconfiguration of the service attribute changes. Differences between the application of DSIC’s across archetypes are driven through the variations between the distinct archetype objectives.

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