Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för språk och litteraturer

Sammanfattning: Speaking French in a French foreign language class is necessary for learning the language. However, a study is important to identify how speaking French in class in Sweden applies. In this study we aim to highlight the use of French on the part of teachers and students and their interest in speaking the language. Everything depends on the degree of understanding of the learners and of varieties of explanation methods used by teachers. The questions that we seek to analyze are: Do students speak French in class and how? We also seek to find out the means used by teachers to motivate students to speak the language? And besides if some factors push students to talk and learn a foreign language? If yes, which ones? The methods we have used to study the amount of speaking in French in class are: a questionnaire that was filled by students in 9th in three schools where observations took place over four weeks in order to view the pictures methods used to encourage the use of French. In addition, interviews were conducted with two teachers of French. The study was conducted on one hand with a qualitativeapproach inspired by interviews and observations and also with a quantitative approach and / or qualitative inspired by questionnaires. Following the responses received, we can see that the majority of students don’t speak French the whole time in French class. Although most of them understand it, they have difficulty speaking easily. Several show they have an interest in speaking this language although they have difficulty to express due to lack of appropriate vocabulary. In short, the results showed that the majority of students can only speak "a little" French. 61% responded that they speak "a little" French in French class and this was also confirmed by the teachers. Working in groups and dramatized scenes, played and written by the students themselves is presented according to our observations as an opportunity where students used the more the French language to speak. Speaking more freely of the favorite topics of their choice, their daily lives also encouraged to occur orally in French. We have found certain factors that lead students to speak and learn the language such that they love talking it, they use it on the internet, and they have family members or friends who speak this language. They also think they can use it during their visits to places where the language is spoken and also in their future careers.

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