Anestesisjuksköterskans upplevelse av barn och anestesi i MR

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Sammanfattning: Background: MRI is a well-developed diagnostic method that requires the patient to be able to lie still for a long time. Anesthesia is sometimes used to facilitate children's experience of MRI since children often find it difficult to lie still. Administering anesthesia to a child is complicated as children are often uncomfortable in the health facility enviroment. This places high demands the nurse anesthetist performance in the meeting with the child. The childs physiology is constantly changing and each age therefore places special demands on the knowledge of the anesthetist nurse. The distance between the anesthetist nurse and the patient in the strongly magnetic MRI environment places high demands on the competence of the anesthetic nurse.Purpose: To describe the nurse anesthetist experience of patient safety in the care of children undergoing anesthesia during MRI examination.Method: A qualitative interview study with eleven nurse anesthetists in three departments in the region of Västra Götaland. A qualitative approach with manifest interpretation was used to analyze the collected material.Result: Three categories were identified in the work of the nurse anesthetist to create patient-safety: the role of the distance in MRI, contributing power to safe anesthesia and improvement work. The participants' experience of distance required great planning. Communication within the team and inclusion of the parents provided good conditions for a safe anesthesia. The organization provided the conditions for the safety culture's improvement work, while the individual created their own strategies.Conclusion: The nurse anesthetist work with children in the MR-environment requires adaptation and planning to ensure patient safety. The collegial cooperation and the inclusion of parents are two important factors in the preparation for anesthesia in the MR-suite. The hospital organization provides the conditions for quality improvement in patient safety and the individual finds his or her own ways.

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