Att leda omvårdnaden för patientens skull

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Sammanfattning: Background: Working as a nurse anesthetist requires knowledge in both nursing care and medical science and their work is conducted throughout the perioperative period. Meeting the patient preoperative gives the nurse anesthetist an opportunity to hear the patient’s narrative and form a relationship. Leadership is a complex phenomena which is exerted in relationship to other individuals. Members of a multidisciplinary team must disregard their professional interests on behalf of the patient’s interests. The nurse anesthetist’s experience and theoretical knowledge postulates the ability to lead and ensure the anesthesiological nursing care.Aim: The aim was to describe experienced nurse anaesthetist’s experience of leading the anesthesiological care during the perioperative period.Method: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with seven female nurse anesthetists between the ages of 63-67 years. The data were analyzed using qualitative content analysis.Results: The result is based on eight sub categories conformed into three categories: View oneself as a leader, Focus on the patient, Relating to other professions opinions. The nurse anaestethist’s described themselves as sole leaders of the intraoperative anaesthesia. Development of their leadership was related to both age and experience and decisiveness viewed as an important trait. The importance of forming a relationship with the patient and adovocating their needs resumed to their perception of owning the patient responsibility. Cooperation with the anesthesiologist was seen as necessary but had its downsides as the nurse anaestethist’s wasn’t alwas seen as a valuable asset.Conclusion: Leadership was experienced as a natural part of their workmanship. Old hierarchic structures could however hinder their leadership wich could lead to negative consequences for patient safety. The significance of who performed the leadership was irrelevant as long as it benefited the patient’s needs and safety.

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