Att skapa företagskultur - hur långt räcker arbetet och när behövs ytterligare strategier?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this paper is to study how organizational culture is shaped. By a criticalapproach the aim is to study how employees experience the work and through these insightsfind out when an organization is in need for strategies as a further support to theorganizational culture. The study is based on a qualitative survey to exemplify thephenomenon. The chosen study object is the Scandinavian hotel group Nordic Choice Hotelsand most of the collected material comes from one of their hotels, Clarion Hotel Post. Thecollected material mainly consists of interviews but also secondary sources like annualreports, websites etc. The organizational culture on the studied object is regarded as quitestrong but do have some parts like the communication to all different departments where itcan be improved. The conclusion is thereby that an organization can create a culture throughrecruiting people with similar values as the company and having ongoing internalcommunication as well as good and informative introductions to newly hired employees.Furthermore, nonhierarchical environment as well as further education where careeropportunities is promoted was a contributing part. Also, the relevance of strong leaders andmiddle management have been proven important in the creation of the organizational cultureat Nordic Choice Hotels. Though, there is a certain point where it is relevant to havestrategies for the culture for the company to run smoothly. In departments where themanagement has little or no contact, there might be good to have more strategies so that theemployees in those departments also feel valuable, seen and not getting forgotten in theeveryday work. Supporting strategies might be needed to create a more unified image of theorganizational culture where everyone feels included.

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