Kom och köp min tro! : En religionssociologisk studie om Svenska kyrkans utbud i sociala medier.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Teologiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: This study has examined the content of the Swedish Church's posts on the social network media Facebook and Instagram. The posts were published during September to November 2017, which is about 90 posts. I have also analysed if the posts could be seen as marketing in this particular media form. Rational Choice Theory has served as an overall theory in which I assumed that people make rational decisions in the choosing of their religion. Therefore, I see the content on these sites as a supply of the Swedish church religiosity that people can base their decisions on. Through an inductive approach, themes have been searched for in the posts and analysed through text condensation. The result of the study is that there are six types of published content, grief management, church operation, divinity, entertainment, religious history and informative posts about the Swedish church election that took place in September 2017. These posts can be seen as marketing because the focus in marketing has shifted from emphasis on the product to the consumer. The purpose is now to provide consumers with information that they can base their decisions on. Therefore, when people use the information on these sites in order to make a rational choice of their religion, the post can be seen as marketing of the Swedish Church, but not in cases when people read the post in other purposes.

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