Informationsbeteende i spelskapande : En fallstudie av Paradox Interactive

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM

Sammanfattning: This thesis focuses on Paradox Interactive's information seeking as a process in the construction of historical computer games. The study is collecting data through a series of interviews with two professional groups: Content designers and 3D graphics. The study focuses on the role of information gathering as a internal process in the creation of the game but also on how the two professions, which have been involved in the study's interviews, gather information relevant to their specific tasks. The study also touches on whether it exists a connection between how Content designers and 3D graphics conduct their searches for information and the ABM sector (that is archives, libraries and museums) as sources/distributors of information. The study has resulted in knowledge regarding the professional groups' information behaviour, what factors that affect the process of gathering information. The study has also resulted in an awareness regarding what kind of information sources that are attractive. Furthermore, the interviews conducted have produced information on how archives, libraries and museums function as information sources for the selected professional groups. The information gathered through the interviews shows that archives, libraries and museums are not used as information sources by the professional groups. Reasons as to why this is the case are a lack of awareness as well as the professional groups' various needs, such as right content and easy accessibility. Games which are utilising or relate to popular history are a clear aspect of modern days popular culture. There exists an abundance of games which relate to history whether they are historical strategy-focused computer games or more action-packed videogames constructed around historical events and contexts. There exists an equally abundance of studies which focuses on games in certain aspects; one such area of research is how history is utilised in games. This study, as noted above, doesn't focus on the games themselves or how they utilise history but rather on the specific question of how the developers gather the information about the past, what sources that exists, and how archives, libraries and museums can better accommodate game creators as a specific group of information gatherers and users.

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