Ultraljud av karpus på häst : en metodbeskrivning

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Clinical Sciences

Författare: Josefine Rosenqvist; [2008]

Nyckelord: häst; karpus; ultraljud; metodbeskrivning;

Sammanfattning: Lameness from the carpus is not unusual in the horse. Multiple soft tissue structures such as tendons, ligaments, the joint capsule and synovial structures can be the originating source. All these structures can be examined with ultrasound, although a description of a systematic examination method is lacking. That is – which structures, what they look like in an ultrasound examination, how to look at them in the best way, and in what order. To make such a description, the literature on carpal anatomy was reviewed, and several dissections and ultrasound examinations were made. The anatomy, with focus on the soft tissue structures, was described based on current literature and from the dissections including the photographs taken. Thereafter, ultrasound examinations were made of a carpus from a euthanised horse, to see which structures could be identified and to design a systematic examination technique. This was then applied on two living horses, on several occasions. The final result was, that it is appropriate to examine the carpus beginning medially, continue to the palmar area, then laterally and finally dorsally. Most of the tendons and ligaments that were identified at the dissections could also be identified with ultrasound.

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