Kom hit, här finns allemansrätten, här är naturen gratis

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: The nature-based tourism is becoming an important part of the Swedish tourism, but due to the concept, “the right of public access”, the development and the conditions of the nature-based tourism is different in Sweden compared to other countries. This research area is in need to be more explored and therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine how the swedish tourism industry work for a sustainable nature-based tourism with a specific focus on the right of public access. A qualitative content analysis was conducted based on three different types of material, a national strategy about nature-based tourism, a marketing campaign from Sweden’s official website for tourism and travel information, and an interview with an expert on nature-based tourism. The results indicate that the concept of sustainable development and the different dimensions of sustainability are present in the swedish nature-based tourism, although the economic dimension is in general more emphasized than the others. When it comes to actions and solutions for the process of creating a sustainable nature-based tourism, the results indicate that there is a need for increased professionalism among the nature tourism entrepreneurs, as well as an enhanced consumption of services and activities connected nature-based tourism. Finally the right of public acces is seen as an important ability for a more sustainable nature-based tourism, however it is also considered as one of the challenges. Our final conclusion is that even though the economic growth is important for more a more sustainable nature-based tourism in Sweden, we believe that there is a need for the swedish tourism industry to look over the right of public access, to enable it to be more compatible with a sustainable nature-based tourism.

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