Personer med tidigare eller pågående substansbrukssyndrom upplevelser av bemötande i vården och deras åsikter om dess konsekvenser : Litteraturstudie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för folkhälso- och vårdvetenskap

Sammanfattning: Introduction: Substance abuse syndrome is common in society. According to the Patient Act, each individual is always entitled to adapted care, according to maturity, age, experience, ethnicity and other individual aspects. Previous studies have shown that healthcare professionals feel insecure meeting patients with substance abuse syndrome, so it will be interesting to investigate how patients experience the response from healthcare professionals and what consequences leads to. Aim: The aim was to compile current research on how people with previous or ongoing substance use syndrome experience the treatment from healthcare professionals. As well as their views on the significance of the treatment for the impact on the care they receive. Method: The method used is a literature review with a qualitative approach. The data collection was done via the database PubMed, where 11 scientific studies were found and reviewed via SBU's review template. Results: Three main categories were identified and followed by subcategories. The main categories that were used were treatment, stigma and pain treatment. It demonstrated a need for healthcare professionals to become aware of the stigma and differences in power that arise at healthcare meetings with patients. This review of the literature showed that patients did not experience a satisfactory treatment, it also emerged that the patients experienced a better treatment from specialist trained staff in the subject of substance use syndrome. The consequences for the patients when the treatment from the care staff was not perceived as satisfactory was an inadequate pain relief, delayed care, premature discharge, self-medication and the patients completely refraining from seeking care. In the long run, the consequences became a longer and more difficult suffering for the patient. Conclusion: The nurse's previous experience and competence were decisive for how the patient experienced the treatment in the care search. A non-judgmental attitude created an increased sense of security for patients, to dare to open up and not use strategies to hide their substance use syndrome. Keywords: “substance use disorder”, “experience”, “nurses”, “stigmatization”, “patient experience”and “substance dependence”.

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