Bibliotekspedagogik - vad är det? : en studie av hur pedagogik kan kopplas till barnbibliotekariers arbete med barn i åldrarna noll till sex år vid folkbibliotek

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: In this master thesis I examine the conceptions that are found among children's librarians and course managers for courses in pedagogy at Swedish LIS education on how pedagogy can be linked to the children's librarian's role in working with children aged 0–6. As well as how pedagogy can be linked to the children's librarians' examples of working methods that they themselves do not link to pedagogy, but which I have been able to link to pedagogy in the analysis. The subject of study was chosen because during my LIS education, I have not gotten a satisfactory explanation for what pedagogy mean in library work for the youngest children, and the scientific research is limited in this area. I wanted to contribute my own study on the subject. Nine interviews were conducted with children's librarians and five qualitative e-mail surveys were conducted with course managers. My study shows that the participants mean that pedagogy in the children's librarian's work is primarily about intermediation and interpersonal meetings. But the room's design and the digitalization are also referred to. The course managers mean that there is a greater demand for pedagogy in the librarian's role today, and that they are adapting the education to this need. Yet, the participating children's librarians are to a large extent guided by tacit knowledge in the work field. Therefore, it can be difficult to gather the profession around a fundamental idea of what pedagogy should be in children's librarians' work. It is important to formulate such a fundamental idea so that children's librarians can understand what pedagogy means in their professional work with young children. In this study, I have been able to link two pedagogical ideal-types to the participants' statements: a sociocultural and a constructivist one.

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