Private Equity - Investeringskriterier och värdeskapande

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: This essay discusses how Private Equity companies (PE companies) reason when evaluatingpotential companies to invest in through its investment criteria. Also methods they utilized toenhance companies value during their ownership period is treated.PE-companies invest in companies where they can see a good future development. Theintention is that through various methods to increase the company's value prior to divestment.In the UK and the U.S. in particular, the market for PE has long been great. In Sweden, insteadthe developments in the industry went a little slower. Today however, Sweden has got one of theworld's most developed markets relative to its GDP.Our purpose of this paper was to investigate the investment criteria that PE- companies apply intheir company valuation. We also wanted to gain increased understanding of the value creationprocess during the ownership period. We therefore chose to not like previous research focus onthe analysis of quantitative data and results. Instead, we wanted to achieve a deeperunderstanding of how they work in practice.Interviews were conducted with industry experts, and in our study we found that the companiesthat we investigated at large had similar investment criteria and thoughts about value creation.Mostly, deep analytical and qualitative evaluations of the companies were used rather thanquantitative yield models. However, as the investigation comes to a small number of interviewsthe results cannot be generalizable to all PE companies, but mostly indicative of the industryexperts, we investigated and interviewed.

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