Kartläggning av alkohol- och narkotikakonsumtion bland Socionomstudenter vid Lunds universitet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Hazardous drinking habits is a phenomenon that often seems to be a part of the time spent at university. Henceforth, this study aims to map out the consumption levels of alcohol and narcotics among social work students at Lund University. This was made possible by a quantitative method and use of an online-survey. The questionnaire was answered by 215 social work students. Results show that a majority of respondents drink alcohol either each week, each month or less often than once a month. A majority of the respondents answered that they drink either 1-2 glasses or 3-5 glasses (measured by AUDIT definition of what a glas means) at an occasion for drinking. Regarding narcotics 38 respondents answered that they had tried drugs and about half of these had only tried once or a few times, and from all different alternatives it showed that cannabis, marijuana and cannabinoids were the most commonly used. Results also show that a majority of the 38 respondents who has tried narcotics during their time spent at university tried it due to them being offered narcotics by others. Additionally, the answers show that a 42 percent of the individuals who has tried narcotics for the first time did so under the influence of alcohol as well as 40 percent who tried it for the first time during a party. In conclusion, even if this study is able to map out consumption levels of alcohol and narcotics among social work students at Lund university, further studies are required to be able to make any assumptions regarding the population.

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