Ett MTO-perspektiv på rökdykning : Arbetsuppgiften, tillbud och olyckor

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från KTH/Ergonomi

Författare: Johan Nordström; [2015]

Nyckelord: ;


The purpose of this study has been to describe the current work situation for BA-operatives (firefighters) within Swedish rescue services, to examine the causes for occupational injuries and near accidents among BA-operatives and also examine in which type of environments occupational injuries and near accidents have occurred.

All occupational injuries and near accidents that was reported to the Swedish Work Environment Authority during 1st January 2002- to 17th July 2014 have been analyzed. The analysis showed that a significant larger amount of injuries and near accidents occurred during nighttime BA-operations than during daytime operations. The analysis also showed that there are a significant higher number of occupational injuries during BA-operations among retained firefighters than among whole-time firefighters.

Most occupational injuries during the investigated time period have occurred in detached houses. The analysis have shown that the reason for this, in most cases, is that the officer in charge has made errors when assessing the risks before the BA-operation was carried out or has failed to communicate his decisions with the other firefighters.

Most of the near accidents during the time period have occurred in underground car parks and case studies have shown that it’s difficult for BA-operatives to locate and fight fires in this kind of buildings. The case studies also showed that local rescue services often have failed to prepare the firefighters for BA-operations in large buildings and also that many of the  local standard operation procedures are inadequate with respect to replacement of BA-operatives. (Swedish)

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