Småbrukbondens förökningsmetoder på Siargao - Traditionellt småbruk på en tropisk ö i Stilla havet, Filippinerna

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvård

Sammanfattning: Several studies and reports regarding traditional knowledge are describing the importance of this knowledge in development of a sustainable farming in the future. Traditional farming is important in sustaining ecosystems and their services as well as the planets biodiversity. Traditional knowledge together with science and innovations are seen to be the key to solve many of the problems agriculture is facing today. This thesis is a case study of a small hold farmer Rudolfo Figuron and his propagation methods in the tropical island of Siargao, Philippines. The aim of this study is to document his propagation methods and his traditional- and tacit knowledge related to his farming. The propagation methods that have been documented is propagation by seeds, seedlings, roots and plant. Traditional knowledge is knowledge that has been developed in local communities from generation to generation and in Rudolfo Figurons case it can be seen in his practical farming methods. In documenting his farming there has been shown that he in his practice present tacit knowledge in the way he expresses and describe his working methods. The small-scale farming livelihood in the island of Siargao is today decreasing due to fast evolving tourism. Tourism establishments surrounding the islands main tourist attraction, surfing. As the environment and society is fast changing, the farming is today facing many problems not only generation shifts and lack of interest in younger generations. But also with the climate changes bringing extreme weather phenomenons such as typhoons and more heavy rains. It is today important to document and persevere Rudolfo Figurons knowledge not only from a historical and cultural perspective but also to preserve and encourage coming generations to farm and see the value of selfsustainable farming.

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