From Attract to Delight: A Qualitative Study Investigating the Relationship Between Inbound Strategies and Business Growth : A B2B Centric Approach

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för ekonomi, teknik och naturvetenskap

Sammanfattning: This thesis was written as part of a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth and International Marketing. Aligned with the nature of the degree, this study aims to share useful insights to managers and marketers whom are looking into innovating their business by adopting an inbound strategy. This thesis researches a modern topic within business: inbound marketing. It aims to comprehend how the implementation of an effective inbound strategy drives sales growth, by understanding the effects that inbound has over the B2B buying and selling process. The study considers the newly presented changes within the European general data protection regulation and emphasizes the relevance of an inbound strategy. An in-depth study of existing theories and exploratory primary data was conducted in order to attain these objectives. Due to restricted existence of scientific theories within the topic, this study developed an original cohesive relationship model integrating inbound marketing to the B2B buying and selling process. This model served as a theoretical framework for the conduction of this research. The exploratory research was characterized by interviewing a number of experts within the field. Those experts provided indispensable insights regarding the phenomenon in focus, which in combination with the theoretical framework allowed for the completion of this study’s analysis. The focus was to understand the impact that the implementation of an inbound strategy had over business and how such impact led to an increase in sales. The results indicate that when effectively implemented by suitable companies, an inbound marketing strategy is relevant in acquiring potential customers at the right stage of the buyer’s journey and therefore driving a noticeable increase in sales.

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