DIGITALA LÄRRESURSER I MATEMATIK Vilka kompetenser använder läraren när digitala lärresurser integreras i matematikundervisningen?

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this qualitative study is to identify what knowledge, subjectrelated,pedagogical and technological teachers use when technology are integrated intomathematics teaching in order to support teaching and learning. Semistructuredinterviews have been used as a method for collecting data. Eight mathematicsteachers who teach students in the early years of compulsory school (grades 1 - 5)have been interviewed on the basis of a pre-prepared interview guide. Thetheoretical framework TPACK has been used as an analysis tool in order to guidewhat should be noticed and ignored when analyzing the collected data. Theframework also contributes to an understanding of what effective teaching withtechnology is and makes it possible to draw conclusions about contexts where goodteaching can occur.The collected data has been analyzed in the form of a thematic analysis where theresults show that all respondents have access to and use digital learning resourcesin varying ways to varying degrees. The result gives examples of when digitallearning resources are used in a conscious way based on the teacher's idea of howthey can support the learning of a subject content, but also when digital learningresources are used without link to subject or pedagogy. Difficulties in evaluatingthe quality of digital learning resources with their opportunities and limitations arehighlighted as a reason why it can be difficult to integrate digital learning resourcesin a meaningful way.This study contributes to the understanding that incorporating technology intoteaching forces us to confront basic ideas about teaching and learning as the use oftechnology in teaching constructs the balance between knowledge about thesubject, pedagogical and technological konowledge. The study also providesinsight into the complex web of relationships between these knowledges that existwhen technology is applied to the teaching of a subject and highlights importantcomponents that are important in a teacher's competence for thoughtful use oftechnology in teaching.

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