Svenska sponsorers effektmätning av sponsring : En studie om svenska sponsorers effektmätning av sponsring

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan Dalarna/Företagsekonomi

Författare: Pontus Olofsson; [2018]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: Sports sponsorship is a marketing method that grows incredibly fast on the market. Already about 20 years ago it was difficult to find a sporting event that was not sponsored in any way and the more time has passed, the more the sponsorship has grown. Sponsorship's development is based on the fact that sponsors no longer see their sponsorship as a gift. Instead, sponsorship has become an effective communication tool that sponsors invest large sums in, in order to communicate effectively with its market. Previous studies made in other parts of the world have shown that the sponsorship has, despite the fact that major investments are made, not shown to be particularly prioritized to evaluate and see the effects it has had on the brand. Compared to, for example, TV advertising, where the investments are about the same as in sponsorship, but sponsors tend to evaluate and measure the effects of this more. I wanted to investigate to what extent sponsors in Sweden perform sponsorship effect evaluation . Is this evaluation also related to objectives that existed with the sponsorship, ie is there any relationship between sponsorship objectives and the evaluations of sponsorship effect? The data collection has been conducted through a survey which contained all sponsors of the three largest sports federations in Sweden, the Swedish Football Association, the Swedish Hockey Federation and the Swedish Ski Federation. The study has shown that approximately 85% of the sponsors choose to measure in some way the effects of their sponsorship. What effects the sponsor then chooses to measure depends largely on the goals for the sponsorship. The survey has shown that the most common objectives sponsors have are increased exposure, increased brand awareness and image transfer. Furthermore, the survey showed that the connection between which goals the sponsors have and the effects they measure are large. Sponsors simply choose to basically base the effect evaluation on the predefined goals. Effects such as the number of receivers, brand recognition and image and attitude changes were therefore the effect evaluations that were highly prioritized by the Swedish sponsors.

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