RichComment : Designing an Interactive Commenting System for Visual Content in Fashion Social Networks

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Medieteknik och interaktionsdesign, MID

Sammanfattning: In this study, a new design of commenting system for visual contents is investigated. The aim is to explore the elements which enrich the user interaction and enhance the user experience while commenting, specifically on fashion social networks. This study explores how an improved commenting system may motivate fashion social networks’ users to express their idea about fashion products.  A speculative design approach is used as a means for investigation. A design process consisting of semi structured interviews, thematic analysis, paper prototype, online prototype and user testing is followed to design a human-centered commenting system.  The results suggest that providing richer tools for commenting could improve the user interaction. The most promising elements to use in fashion social media commenting system are color and pattern palettes, tagging comment and comment categorization. These elements enable fashion customers to express their ideas easier and obtain a holistic overview around other peoples’ comments. Apart from fashion brands’ social networks, the approach may also be more effective in fashion brand websites. People would like to have a strong impact on fashion brands. Therefore, commenting somewhere that is tightly connected to fashion brands are preferred rather than having the conversation just among themselves in social media.

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