Risk and Responsibility in the GMO Discourse

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Centrum för tillämpad etik


An application of biotechnology that has been rapidly matured under the last ten years is genetically modified food. The deliberative release of GMO faces the challenge of complying with sustainable development and implies a precautionary approach to all possible risk involved. This study purpose is to investigate the problems of risks concerning deliberative release of GMO and to define the question of responsibility. These two themes, risk and responsibility, are discussed in relation to society, citizens, corporations andscience. A more profound understanding of the relation between risk and responsibility in the GMO context could contribute to the sensitivity and deliberation in bio-politics, so it better can cope with democratic governance, public debate and risk deliberations.

Politicians and other decisions-makers have a responsibility to assure that they have sufficient knowledge and understanding for the issue at hand before taking any decision. A responsible bio-politics departs from the precautionary principle in decisions making, gaining knowledge in dialogue with concerned GMO actors and tries to correspond to sustainable development. Hence, knowledge and understanding is needed which are reached in dialogue with other parties in order to allowed values, attitudes and knowledge to be deliberate more extensively.

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