Utbildningsnämndens arkiv : En del av det moderna samhället som har gått till historien

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM


This essay is based on the work of arranging and making an inventory for an archive consisting of records from the Board of Education (Utbildningsnämnden) within the administration of the County Council in Uppsala, Sweden. This archive is kept at the County Councils Archives in Uppsala where I have done the work. I have documented the process and discussed the complex of problems relating to it. In this particular case the issue of limitation of the office of origin and the respect of the fonds, or the principle of provenance, have been of interest. This is due to the fact that the records had been rearranged and mixed with records with other origin related to the Board of Education. Records from the early existence of the board have previously been arranged and an inventory had been made. This earlier work covered the period of 1971-1978, when the board of education had a secretariat.

The aim of the work was to arrange the records of the board during the period of 1979-1997. After this period the board ended being an independent body. With support from theories of respect of fonds my conclusion is that the Board of Education is a coherent office of origin for the fonds during its entire period of existence dur - ing the years 1971-1997. I decided to make the first inventory a part of the new one in order to keep a logical continuity of the records and the inventory. Creating a subordinate archive with its own inventory would make the whole seem badly arranged and complicate the finding of records. Based on the respect of fonds I used the previous inventory to a large extent. The knowledge and understanding I gained thanks to the fact that I was able see the complete fonds made me do some changes. The archive consist of files based on journals to a large ex - tent, which makes a large part of the records easy to find.

The work in combination with the essay constitutes my one year master’s thesis in archival science.

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