Hur upplever och hanterar vårdenhetschefer relationen mellan ledarskap och sjuksköterskeroll?

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Sammanfattning: Aim: To illustrate how First Line Nurse Managers (FLNM) experience and handle the relationship between being a FLNM and being a Registered Nurse. Background: Being a FLNM and a Registered Nurse could represent a particular challenge, when the nurse's caring perspective is integrated into the management role. Method: A qualitative interview study with semistructured interviews. Data from seven individual interviews and two focus group interviews with a total of nine participants were analyzed. Results: The results showed that FLNM were aware of the differences in the roles and uncertain of the relation to their previous nursing role. Nursing skills were described as a good foundation for leadership, but there was an ambivalence regarding how nursing may influence the leadership. Conclusion: Nurses as FLNM appeared to be unsure of how nursing could be included in, and strengthen their leadership. Implications for Nursing Management: In the undergraduate program for nurses, education and reflection about the caring perspective in relation to leadership should be included.

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