Läkemedelsdelegering – en välkommen eller påtvingad uppgift?

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Sammanfattning: Background: The population is getting older and the life expectancy is expected toincrease. With increasing age, the incidence of comorbidity and drug use increases, whichplaces great demands on healthcare and care. If the elderly can not handle their medication athome, municipal health care can give assistance. In the municipal health care sector, it iscommon for the district nurse to delegate drug administration to carers, who lack the formalcompetence for the task. To maintain a good patient safety, it is crucial that cooperation ondrug delegation works well.Aim: To describe the carers experience of working with drug delegation in elderly care inordinary accommodation.Method: Data collection took place by performing seven recorded semi-structured interviewswith carers working in municipal care. Manifest content analysis was used.Results: Carers in most cases feel safe in managing drugs, but sometimes they felt they weretaking too much responsibility and that drug delegation was a requirement to be able towork. Delegation training and the annual delegation follow-up were perceived differentlydepending on the training used and how it was implemented and most perceived that theylacked knowledge about different drugs, symptoms and side effects, and expressed that theywanted more of it in the education. Carers experienced that communication with the nurse inmost cases worked well and that they were supported when they felt unsafe.Conclusion: The organisation requires carers to have a drug delegation, which sometimesviolates specific rules. At the same time, education is lacking both in performance andcontent, which causes carers to not identify symptoms and side effects. The results of thestudy can be used as a basis for improving the design of delegation education.Keywords: drug delegation, drug administration, carers, home care, home health care

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